Registration Services

Registration is carried out by us and comprehensively covers the entire process of placing the product on the market starting from the completion of documentation and a record in the relevant institutions, to representing the interests of our customers with regard to Poland.

Our goal is to find the optimal way to introduce a new product on the market and maximize the impact of the sale. We assist companies interested in entering the Polish market, in the area:

  • registration of pesticides, fertilizers, biocides
  • Marketing - planning and implementation of campaign
  • distribution of agricultural and horticultural products

In connection with the registration of pesticides, biocides and certain specialized fertilizers, we offer interested companies entering the Polish market our services. We base our  activities on:
- A thorough knowledge on laws and regulations
- Understanding of registration procedures and good relations with the institutions conducting the registration
- Cooperation with the authorized institutions in Poland

At the request we prepare a safety data sheet (MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet), in accordance with current Polish and European regulations:
- Law on chemical substances and preparations of. 11 January 2001 (OJ No 11, pos. 84, 2001) of the Minister of Health. 3 July 2002 on the safety data sheet of dangerous products (OJ No 140, pos. 1171, 2002) and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)
We assist in adaptation of existing safety data sheet to the Polish requirements of the law, as well as preparing one on the basis of the English version.

Would you like to establish cooperation with us or find out more? Welcome to the Amagro Registration Department: